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ATYPICAL || Advice from Zahid

Atypical is one of my favorite shows that not only spreads awareness of autism, but the characters are written very well, and each of them always has a flaw, especially the mother who is too protective of Sam Gardner. He’s a high school student that overcomes his struggles as an autistic person, and despite the… Continue reading ATYPICAL || Advice from Zahid

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Being Auti || Vivid Memory

I mean, anyone can have good memory, but for people of autism is extremely specific! I can go as far, as remembering the year, how old that person was when it happened, the clothes they wore that day; some even have the audacity to recall the time of the event or the scent of some… Continue reading Being Auti || Vivid Memory

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BEING AUTI ||Hypersensitive Touch

There are certain textures that autistic people really despise, and can get really aggravated; Don’t try to automatically change their mind :T Tim doesn’t like anything that not only seemed so shiny, but also really smooth like silk. So Benji decided to take his little bro feel better with a stuffed bunny to calm him… Continue reading BEING AUTI ||Hypersensitive Touch

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BEING AUTI || Hypersensitive Hearing

Not everyone likes the clanging of utensils, or crowded areas; it’s a common emotion! But to people with autism their senses are a lot more heightened that it can be extremely irritable. Timothy Kleinman is diagnosed with autism; he loves video games, unfortunately arcades are very limited even though he wanted to stay. The noise… Continue reading BEING AUTI || Hypersensitive Hearing