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BEING AUTI || Routine

Majority of autistic people enjoy an organized routine/schedule! Some set timers on their phones to complete any little task at an according time-frame, others find comfort by counting in their heads. Routines can life feel a little simpler, but life also tends to get unpredictable, and any disturbance within that routine would cause the autistic… Continue reading BEING AUTI || Routine

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After 5 days of hard work (andemotionallydying), I’m super happy to finally do animatics again!! I’ve been wanting to make some based on my boys the Kirkstone twns. My friend Delsin and I have been headcanoning their voices for a long time now, and Danny and Arin have always reminded us of my characters; not… Continue reading Kirkstone Grumps!-THERD SUCKS AT MARIO || ANIMATIC