BEING AUTI || Repetitive


A lot of autistic people have repetitive/ritualistic behaviors, and every one of them has different mannerisms compared to the other. Some repetitive behaviors can be harmless, some can be a little severe that it causes them to hurt themselves (such as scratching at skin). You can see that this is not all of Timโ€™s behaviors, mostly main ones; some that you have seen him do in the previous comics if you look back.

You can see in panel 4 thereโ€™s another hinted mannerism where he tugs his tie too hard at times when heโ€™s very uneasy, he could accidentally choke himself a little which is why Evan makes sure to stop him right away. Some repetition can be considered as stimming depending on the person with autism; something that helps them to relax but that will be explained later in another comic.



Happy Asexual Awareness Week!

A wonderful someone asked if I could make something for this week, and it just so happens that Iโ€™ve been planning to create this little comic for Grahamโ€™s confession. Heโ€™s actually demisexual, but heโ€™s more on the asexual spectrum than sexual; knowing that being ace or demi has been the underrated circle of pans, bis, polys, aros, shadowed by people outside the lgbtq community and sometimes.. within the community.

Itโ€™s very important to know that everyone is valid as long as youโ€™re a decent human being, treating others with the love and respect they deserve.