My goal is hopefully get a laptop, travel around, keep feeding myself and the family but mostly, to keep drawing nonsense of a living! Whichever tier you join helps.

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A quick simple sketch from me!

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Howdoyouputupwithasillybean?? . v .OCs? Fav Character? Consider this as a huuuuge thank you for appreciating my work and giving your ongoing suggestions ^^


Here is a bunch of animations I’ve been creating for the past month when I tried out Clip Studio Paint EX.. and man ain’t it delightful?! One of the best art programs I’ve ever used. I’m doing my best to develop my patience with animating, cause eventually I wanna make longer, more complex animations!

ATYPICAL || Advice from Zahid

Atypical is one of my favorite shows that not only spreads awareness of autism, but the characters are written very well, and each of them always has a flaw, especially the mother who is too protective of Sam Gardner. He’s a high school student that overcomes his struggles as an autistic person, and despite the many appalling reactions towards him, there are few that treat him like any normal human being.

I especially love this one character named Zahid; Sam’s best friend. He’s a little….eccentric when it comes to his sexual tendencies towards girls, but what makes me love him is that he treats Sam as normal, and willingly stands up to people for discriminating Gardner’s autism.

He’s the kind of friend who will be there at the perfect time, and I hope people aspire to be like Zahid.