Happy Asexual Awareness Week!

A wonderful someone asked if I could make something for this week, and it just so happens that I’ve been planning to create this little comic for Graham’s confession. He’s actually demisexual, but he’s more on the asexual spectrum than sexual; knowing that being ace or demi has been the underrated circle of pans, bis, polys, aros, shadowed by people outside the lgbtq community and sometimes.. within the community.

It’s very important to know that everyone is valid as long as you’re a decent human being, treating others with the love and respect they deserve.

“Men Don’t Cry”

crying is okay

Ever since Benjamin became a teenager, the father was harsher with him, causing the boy a lot of anxiety, even now. Even though the dad hasn’t been around, Benji gets nightmares every now and then. Thankfully, Graham is a patient boyfriend!

Being Auti || Vivid Memory

Good Memory full comic

I mean, anyone can have good memory, but for people of autism is extremely specific! I can go as far, as remembering the year, how old that person was when it happened, the clothes they wore that day; some even have the audacity to recall the time of the event or the scent of some things. It’s seriously weird in the most fascinating way!…I wish I have good memory, I have terrible attention span .-.

Memories, especially when there’s nostalgia involve, makes Timmy really proud of himself, and definitely makes others laugh at times! For Benji I’mnotsosurelol-

Ignore the stares

it's okay

Benji has struggled with being bisexual for the longest time, and he’s lucky enough his family is so loving( and very gay, except the shit dad-), and his boyfriend Graham is very patient and supportive even though he doesn’t mind the staring.

…honestly though WHY CAN’T PEOPLE MIND THEIR OWN B U S I N E S S ??????