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BEING AUTI || Eye Contact

Autistic people’s tend to shift their eyes elsewhere when communicating with others, especially when the mind tends to wander; it’s hard for them to look at you directly in the eye, and even though they know how to, it lasts for brief seconds. People would consider this as ‘rude’ unfortunately, and it’s highly important to understand… Continue reading BEING AUTI || Eye Contact

Actually Autistic · Kleinman Brothers · The Comic Life

BEING AUTI ||Hypersensitive Sight

People with ASD may have sensitive eyes which means anything bright or flashing can trigger them, usually fluorescent lights. Timmy’s eyes aren’t as sensitive, he loves glow sticks and theater lights. But when it comes to extreme flashes such as cameras, it breaks him into a meltdown. The guy definitely did that on purpose 😐… Continue reading BEING AUTI ||Hypersensitive Sight

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Being Auti || Vivid Memory

I mean, anyone can have good memory, but for people of autism is extremely specific! I can go as far, as remembering the year, how old that person was when it happened, the clothes they wore that day; some even have the audacity to recall the time of the event or the scent of some… Continue reading Being Auti || Vivid Memory